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Polyplast Equipments and Accessories engaged in manufacturing and supplying a wide range of Abrasion Testers . Our product range is designed to determine the resistance of the specimen under test against abrasion. We are Designed and developed in compliance with the IS 34 standards, these apparatus can be availed at industry leading prices. For Testing the Abrasive resistance of Rubber & similar products matching to DIN 53516& different standards.

Abrasion Testers for Rubber is used to determines the resistance of wear and tear by the frictional loss of the rubber in products by weight before and after the test method.

Polyplast Equipments and Accessories Abrasion testing specifically refers to the test that measures material wear due to sliding contact. Examples of this type of contact are scraping, grinding and rubbing. The test is also called wear testing or abrasion resistance test, and it is particularly used in fields such as engineering and metallurgy.

Our Industries are Spending a lot of time to determine wear resistance of materials is counterproductive to business, but that was how it used to be. Thanks to machine testers like the Abrasion Tester. We are providing several machines that you can use for the test including Finger rub Abrasion Tester

Polyplast provide Determining if your company complies with production quality standards.

We are Enhancing your product's competitiveness against another product.

Our Abrasion Testers Reducing the risk of failure and related warranty costs.

We are give you Optimizing limited resources with ease of doing testing including speedy re start of the Test.

Our Abrasion Testers Useful also for research and development and for conducting third-party evaluations.

Our other Abrasion Testers are The test comprises of a plate formed example set under scraping wheels. A foreordained power is applied and the example is made to constantly pivot while in touch with the rubbing wheels until the ideal number of turns is accomplished.

During the revolutions, a rub-wear activity happens between the example and the scraping wheels. The vacuum arrangement of the machine additionally as optional works with the scraped area process, the reason for which is to eliminate free trash.

Pick an organization that has loads of involvement with the modern and specialized fields, so that you can be explicitly directed on the best hardware to use for your lab. A decent organization should really like your activities and item quality, and furthermore offers after sales specialized help and service contract for their items.

Polyplast Equipments and Accessories is genuine Abrasion Testers manufacturer , Abrasion Testers exporter, Abrasion Testers supplier in Mumbai, India. Polyplast Equipment & Accessories is into manufacturing Finger rub Abrasion Tester / Scratch Tester. It is also exporting premium quality Finger rub Abrasion Tester / Scratch Tester to different countries. The company manufactures these quality materials by crafting the components and going through different testing process. At Polyplast you can get Finger rub Abrasion Tester / Scratch Tester in a variety of standard dimensions including varieties and more features as per IEC & other test std.. with different force application units. We are one of the leading exporters of Finger rub Abrasion Tester / Scratch Tester, is an Indian private company, which manufactures and markets Tester Equipment. The company offers a wide range of our products to their most valued clients. The products are widely used in various industrial applications including chemicals, aeronautical, food, beverages etc. You want to this useful product please quote here...

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ISO 9001: 2015 Certified Testing Equipments Manufacturer

Polyplast Equipment & Accessories, a ISO 9001: 2015 Certified manufacturer is in to quality testing equipment for more than 25 years and located in Mumbai. Our clients include Reliance Industries Ltd, Mobile Exxon,ITW, MRF, IOC, Supreme, NeelKamal, Varroce Engineering, Essel Propack etc. Our main product range are includes 3 segments.

Quality Assurance

Maintaining the quality standards of our products and further improving their quality is indispensable for our organization. The products manufactured are according to the ASTM/IS specifications. Our engineering personnel strive hard to meet every requirement of our customers at the site and ensure that the range we manufacture is as per their specific requirements.