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Melt Flow Index Tester - Auto Cutting

MFI Tester Auto Cutting

MFI Auto Cutting

Molten Resin extrusion is necessary for various plastic processing laboratories. The rate of such extrusion is measured under the Melt flow index or MFI. A certain degree of pressure and temperature is necessary for measuring it. You can measure it in terms of g/10 min. Compared to a polymer worth low molecular weight, a material that depicts much higher molecular weight yields greater resistance flow.

The flow rate of various materials makes it inevitable for you to measure the key utilities of the MFI auto cutting equipment and tester. Besides checking quality, it also helps in thermoplastic material grading. Polyplast Equipment & Accessories is a successful testing equipment exporter and manufacturer for innumerable plastic processing labs.

How Effective Is the MFI Auto Cuting and Melt Flow Testing Equipment

Polyplast & Accessories prove to be the ultimate destination for procuring the Melt flow tester. The equipment that we have on offer is tailored to perform detailed work. The Melt Flow Index Tester performs an estimation of the pace of expulsion of a Thermoplastic Material through the opening of certain Length and Diameter under endorsed states of temperature and strain. MFI Tester offered by Polyplast & Accessories is meant for monitoring the MFI auto cutting processes and quantifying the Melt Flow Rate with more noteworthy exactness as recommended in various public and global principles.

The manufacturing process follows several standards like that of the BS, ASTM, and the known Indian standards, mainly follows ASTM D 1238.

Different Polymers have their individual flow rates, which you can test with the MFI Tester. The values thus achieved help to recognize the various layers of Polymers. Due to the manner in which plastic materials are rarely fabricated without consolidating added substances, it influences the handling qualities of material like dependability and streaming capacity.

Unique Selling Points
The custom controller offered by Polyplast & Accessories helps in tracking the testing process. With great accuracy, it depicts the precise temperature. Chip-based computerized clock with the option to choose various tests, shaper time, ringer sign-on fulfillment of the test, and advance bell sign yields the best return against the manual cutting methodology. The MFI Auto Cuting equipment possesses the feature to lead the test autonomously by pre-setting the temperature of the test, time to cut on interval do automatically , and applying the necessary Load provided with the chart and it will straightforwardly render the aftereffect of MFI for individual checks and the average of different checks.

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Polyplast Equipment & Accessories, a ISO 9001: 2015 Certified manufacturer is in to quality testing equipment for more than 25 years and located in Mumbai. Our clients include Reliance Industries Ltd, Mobile Exxon,ITW, MRF, IOC, Supreme, NeelKamal, Varroce Engineering, Essel Propack etc. Our main product range are includes 3 segments.

Quality Assurance

Maintaining the quality standards of our products and further improving their quality is indispensable for our organization. The products manufactured are according to the ASTM/IS specifications. Our engineering personnel strive hard to meet every requirement of our customers at the site and ensure that the range we manufacture is as per their specific requirements.