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Dart Impact Tester

MFI Tester Auto Cutting

We manufacture a wide range of Dart Impact Tester PDR - 02. This device is used to test the energy that causes the plastics bags and films to fail under a specified impact. This test is conducted using a dart of a suitable diameter in respect to the type pf plastic film. This free-falling hemispherical dart is dropped from varying heights depending upon the range the dart missile's weight for the particular type of film. A magnetic strip holds the film tightly to ensure that it does not slips. Manufactured as per the ASTM D-1709 Standards, this apparatus is widely demanded by clients across the globe.

• Standard : ASTM D - 1709
• Along with two darts (Aluminum & Stainless Steel) and necessary weights. The dart is dropped magnetically while a magnetic wise holds the film tightly ensuring that there is no slippage. (Instead of Vacuum Pump).
• No additional accessories required for testing Drop heights : 1524mm & 660mm

MFI Tester Auto Cutting

We manufacture and supply a wide range of Dart Impact Tester that is mainly used for testing various plastic sheets and films. Furthermore, it is used for detecting the energy of a free falling dart that causes plastic films to fail. This test is conducted under specified conditions. This hemispherical dart is released from varying heights by the means of an installed button and possess strong magnetic properties to hold the film. Manufactured in compliance with the ASTM 1709 & IS 2508 standards, these are widely known for following feature

• Elegant design and attractively powder coated paint
• Built-in base leveling leveler supports
• Shock absorbers
• Built-in vacuum pump

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Maintaining the quality standards of our products and further improving their quality is indispensable for our organization. The products manufactured are according to the ASTM/IS specifications. Our engineering personnel strive hard to meet every requirement of our customers at the site and ensure that the range we manufacture is as per their specific requirements.